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Welcome to the Countryside

This playful investigation questions our perception of real and fictitious worlds. I explore the countryside by merging the real with the imaginary. The large-scale images comment on these issues by interweaving the natural photographic scenery with model objects and figures to ultimately not only recreate but also alter the conventional landscape view. Nevertheless, the works are produced in a traditional way, with the models being shot in the actual given location.

Welcome to the Countryside (2007) Joel Porter
Photographic Prints on Paper (30x40in)

International Media Art Exhibition
07.09.07- 03.10.07
CUBE Gallery, , 113-115 Portland St, Manchester, M3 6DW

The exhibition explores striking and picturesque model worlds which replicate physical and imaginary spaces, while reflecting existences and habitats, personal memories and longing.

The shift in scale ultimately comments on our surroundings, within social, cultural and technological changes.
Nine artists and collectives investigate the minuscule as an artist interface in video, networked and interactive installations, digital sound sculptures and photography, found objects and custom built environments.
Not just in Gulliver's Travels have shifting sizes and miniature shapes been a creative feature in literature and contemporary art practice, ‘The World is My Imagination’ explores this fascination for artists and audiences alike. Nine international projects display miniscule scenery with particular and ingenious methods within the field of media arts and environment.

Film, photography, digital imagery, sounds, model objects and even tiny plants are embedded into custom-built rooms and miniature interfaces, to establish a story; opposing a playful, dreamlike or virtual world against the real, in relation to Schopenhauer's view that 'the world is my imagination'.

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