Ubiquitous Interactivity

Ubiquitous Interactivity uses radio frequency card technology to generate images based on hidden card data. By swiping your card (ID card, Biometric passport, Oyster card) over a card reader, a unique image is generated from the hidden numbers embedded in the card's microchip. The images below represent a sample of the images that were generated.


4145 visitors to POI: Moving, Mapping, Memory at the Cornerhouse Manchester
616 card swipes generating unique images during the private view
100+ card swipes on average per day

Press coverage

The show was featured in the Manchester Evening News, Metro newspaper, Guardian Guide as well as online reviews and blogs.

Exhibited at the group show:
POI: moving mapping memory

Cornerhouse, Manchester
Fri 5 to Sun 28 June 2009
Featuring the works of Eimer Birkbeck, Richard Charnock, Joe Duffy, Max Livesey, Joel Porter, Rob Strongitharm, Yukari Yoshikawa, Andrea Zapp

Poi – The Maori art of spinning objects through space
POI – Point of interest. A mapping reference used in networked and mobile media

The Cornerhouse, Manchester

POI explores the exchanging of points in time, or places in space, giving us the chance to review the world around us through innovative media art works. The installations investigate our shifting existences, both physical and digital, and the ways we perceive, shape and interweave the environments we inhabit. The narratives created ultimately comment on our surroundings, from a social, historical and technological perspective.

Eight international artists approach the subject with interactive interfaces, video installations, sound sculptures, textile media and custom built immersive environments. Film and photography from the past, sounds and images from the present, artefacts referencing remote and ephemeral places in time are brought together, starkly contrasting the live involvement of participants and even the presence of another animal, illustrating the duality at the heart of the works as a whole.