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Street portraits (Type 55 Polaroid film)

Taken in and around central London between 1990 and 1991, these portraits were taken on Polaroid type 55 film using a large format 5x4 plate camera.

These photographs were shown at Mai de la Photo, Reims, France in 1991 and at Touchstones, Rochdale in 2009. This was an exhibition celebrating the medium of instant format photography following the announcement that Polaroid was ceasing production of this famous film format in 2008.

We are all familiar with the unique noise of a Polaroid camera as the photo is taken and then shoots out, the waiting time and the excitement of seeing -as if by magic- an image appearing on the instantly identifiable format.

Venue: Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery, Gallery 3
Dates of Exhibition: Saturday 21st March 2009 – Sunday 14th June 2009